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Wanda is a uber nerd with the coordination of a seizure victim. Her karate trainer is an aging pervert with a penchant for ball gags and various sex toys. When a bus from a rival karate school accidentally runs over a couple scientists dumping a toxic chemical down the sewer, the entire class is turned into high flying, flesh eating baddies! As they wreak havoc on the town turning others into zombie ninjas, Wanda and her instructor must save the planet with the help of a magic karate belt.
This movie has a little bit of a whole lot in it: Kung-Fu masters, Teen angst, Zombies, gratuitous nudity (not all of it pretty), nun-chucks made from…well, let&#39;s just call them Nut-chucks! As far as Zombie movies, this one has definitely carved out its own niche. It is a roller-coaster ride of comic, B-movie awesomeness. I recommend this movie to anyone who is in the mood for a change of pace from the mega-movie market. This movie does a great job of not taking itself at all seriously without being obnoxious about it. An instant add to my cult classics collection! <br/><br/>Christina Rose as the Awkward Teenager-turned super kick-ass vixen-running around in fetish latex ninja kung-fu attire is absolutely amazing. There must be at least a dozen different movie clich├ęs she parodies.<br/><br/>Jack Abele is perfect as the bumbling kung-fu mentor. Move over Mr. Myagi! I can honestly say that as an actor, Mr. Abele must truly be fearless. Some of the gags had me choking on my Coke I was laughing so hard.<br/><br/>Gary king did an excellent job directing this indie comedy/horror/action flick. It starts as what appears to be another unbearably bad/stupid parody movie and it slowly draws you in until you find yourself spewing cola products through your nose. <br/><br/>Trust me, you will find yourself telling all of your friends about this little gem of a movie.

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