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Decades before The Flash was running around, Central City had another protector, The Nightshade. After defeating his greatest enemy, the technological mastermind, The Ghost, he went into retirement. In the present day however, The Ghost has reemerged from suspended animation to wreak havoc in his future world. To stop him, The Flash needs the help of The Nightshade to confront this revitalized menace. In another story, another man has taken the Nightshade identity to conduct his own murderously bloody war on crime while The Flash and the original Nightshade doggedly hunt him down.
The Scarlet Speedster teams up with the city's previous superhero, The Nightshade, in two adventures.
This is the third movie set to tv for The Flash. If I remember correctly it was part of the first and only season The Flash survived on tv. It wasn't the greatest story, but it put the more experienced, retired crime fighter, Nightshade, side by side with the new one, Flash. It also set a president for the uprising African American superheroes, i.e. Nightshade that D.C., Marvel, Image and other comic books were pushing. It compresses all the early cartoons, as well as the later ones in regard to the new rookie hero and the retired vigilante. A very decent show to watch, especially if you love comics and their transformation into moving visual media. Take the time and give The Flash a try, it'll surprise you with the chemistry and performance.
First I&#39;d like to say that this isn&#39;t a film, it&#39;s two episodes of the above average super hero TV series stitched together. Just like The Flash II.<br/><br/>Content wise, well if you can&#39;t get hold of the TV series this will be as close an approximation as you&#39;ll get. Little depth, little thought but hell it&#39;s fun enough when it&#39;s flicking past your eyes. John Wesley Shipp makes an amiable enough hero, and looks just as good out of the red suit as in it. The co-stars all turn up, recite their lines and hope someone higher up the entertainment food chain notices them. And as for the production team, well Bilson and the bunch never really cared about being the best or working with the best, they just wanted to put their ideas in front of people and maybe entertain them. Well as this pair of episodes shows, they&#39;re more than capable of doing that.

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