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Police inspector Emilien and his taxi-driver pal Daniel are back, this time on the tail of a group of Japanese yakuza.
The Japanese ambassaor is visiting Marseilles to view the city police's anti-gang tactics. During the visit, however, he is kidnapped by a group working for the Japanese yakuza. Young officer Emilien is determined to rescue the ambassador and officer Petra (his girlfriend), who was also kidnapped, and restore the honor of his department. Once again, speed demon taxi-driver Daniel (from the first Taxi movie) is called upon to save the day with his high-speed driving skills.
Almost as funny as the first film<br/><br/>I laughed almost through the entire movie. In fact, this movie is just as funny as the first one, if not funnier! It&#39;s good to see some really good European films for a change. I strongly recommend this film for obvious reasons.<br/><br/>A must. 7/10
In France, we have this word we use to qualify something really crap: &quot;daube&quot;. Une daube is a piece of meat cooked for several hours at an insane temperature and served drawned in some scary sauce. Well, &quot;Taxi 2&quot; is exactly this: a big fat daube made by a bad french director who &quot;wants to do something different inside french cinema&quot; but who is so clueless about where to put his camera that all his car chases would make you think any B american movie has been made by a visual genius.<br/><br/>And Luc Besson who proudly produces the movie and wrote the script simply demonstrates once more that 1/ scriptwriting is really what he&#39;s worst at and 2/ he is not able to produce a french film the american way as he would like to: his film looks so french (in the wrong meaning).<br/><br/>Let&#39;s end this critic saying that a camera techie died on the making of the film, which is an unbearable thing: you don&#39;t make a movie in the rush, risking people&#39;s lives… but that&#39;s exactly what they did. If at least the movie had been good.

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