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Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse Malayalam Movie Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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Stewie and Brian attempt to foil Bertram by traveling to different universes and thwart his plans to raise armies there.
If you are a fan of family guy, then you will find the gags funny, you will spot references to the episodes that the levels are based on and you will enjoy the fun story of the game.<br/><br/>The controls can be a little clunky in places but are by no means the worst i have endured. The only real problems that this game suffers from is firstly the hidden collectibles are easy to find except 1 per level which will annoy you while finding it and some of the mini games during levels have hard to use controls.<br/><br/>All in all, if you own family guy dvds and a console, then buy this and enjoy!
I am a big fan of Family Guy and when I heard they were having a 2nd game I knew I wanted it. Until I saw some screenshots and the graphics were how should I say, not good. But I still gave it a chance and I bought it on the PS store for £19.99 and played it. And well, it was alright I guess. Though the thing I didn&#39;t like was the number of characters quotes and clips were used from the show. I mean I would of thought the creators and writers would come up with something new for the game, but they didn&#39;t. So using the same jokes and gags over again was kind of a let down.<br/><br/>Now I was hoping the graphics would be great because this came out in 2012 so I don&#39;t understand why they didn&#39;t use a better engine to make the graphics look like they do nowadays. Another thing I didn&#39;t like was the challenge (not in story mode) where you had to take a certain number of pictures before time runs out, the thing I didn&#39;t like about was the amount of enemies running towards you and hitting you whilst you&#39;re trying to take the pictures. I mean I couldn&#39;t even get half the number of pictures needed on easy!<br/><br/>So next time, Family Guy decides to make another game, they should hopefully improve on the graphics and write new jokes and gags. For now as a big fan of the show, I&#39;m still playing it to see how it goes. I would recommend you watch some gameplay on YouTube before deciding to buy it!

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