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Roy Rogers (<a href=">Roy Rogers)comes to Merino Springs to prevent a range war between cattlemen and sheepmen, that started as a result of the killing of a sheep-man, Matthew Delaney (<a href=">John Ince) on &quot;Whirligig Cattle Syndicate&quot; property. He was killed by Steve Anders (<a href=">Francis McDonald, a henchman of Cole Gregory (<a href=">Dennis Hoey), who is out to acquire the Delaney ranch. Roy&#39;s pleas for the murdered man&#39;s daughter, Jill Delaney (<a href=">Dale Evans) to help prevent further bloodshed are dashed when her prized ram is also killed. It does not help matters that her lawyer is the scheming Gregory.
Roy Rogers tries to prevent a range war between cattlemen and sheepherders.
When a neighboring sheep rancher is found murdered on his property, by sheep-hating cattleman Gabby Whitaker, hostilities begin to heat up between the local factions. Cattleman Roy Rogers is quickly dispatched from the home office in Chicago to diffuse the situation and find the culprits. Evidence leads him to the sheep ranch where he joins forces with the murdered rancher&#39;s daughter Jill (Dale Evans)over the protests of her aunt, old battle-axe, cattle-hater, Cactus Kate (Elisabeth Risdon).<br/><br/>Roll on Texas Moon is the first teaming of Roy and B-western great director William Witney. Over the course of the next 5 years Witney would change the style of the Roy Rogers&#39; pictures from a musically oriented singing cowboy to the Action Cowboy Hero. After watching this one it&#39;s clear that Witney was really good at the latter, no so much with the former. Promising action sequences quickly give way to oddly selected and placed musical numbers. One musical interlude has Roy singing a lullaby to Gabby and the title tune, which is introduced in a Gabby dream sequence, has Dale dressed as Little Bo peep, making Betty Boop faces at Roy. The whole number seemed uncomfortably out of place. It should be noted that despite the inauspicious start, Witney righted the ship in their next film &quot;Home in Oklahoma&quot;, a film very similar in substance and plot. <br/><br/>While you can occasionally see in this movie what was eventually to come of the Roy Rogers / William Witney collaboration, Roll on Texas Moon wasn&#39;t one of the pair&#39;s better efforts. Recommended for die-hard Roy Rogers Fans only.
Roll on Texas Moon employs many of the standard plot devices of the popular B Western to wring out plenty of action and humor in the course of its brief running time. Paragon of truth, honor and virtue Roy Rogers finds himself smack dab in the middle of a turf war between the regional cattle ranchers and sheep herders (the social implications of which are occasionally fascinating to ponder) which has been manufactured by a secret evil-doer trying to gain control of a major ranch. Roy&#39;s invaluable sidekick, the legendary Gabby Hayes, proves indispensable to the film: not only is he accused of murder, he also provides the comic relief, as an adorable lost lamb develops a fixation and dependence on Gabby that the grizzled cattleman desperately tries to hide from his pals. Dale Evans, playing Jill Delaney, is a well-meaning and good-hearted sheep rancher who, like Roy, does not want the bitter dispute to tear apart the community. Before all the secrets can come to light and reveal the true villain, the audience is treated to a rousing set piece in which Jill&#39;s out of control, sabotaged auto goes careening off a steep embankment. If you think Roy is able to save her from certain doom, well… you better see Roll on Texas Moon and find out.

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